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DNM / Reson
“…the amazing tonal purity – hardly a hint of grain or cloudiness in a super-wide soundstage...”

- Hi Fi News

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Almarro Valve Amplifiers


Almarro Valve Amplifiers

The Almarro Amplifiers have been universally praised, especially the A318B 18watt SET Integrated which won a rare Realsization Award from Six Moons. They said that
"In this price range, it's in a class of one."

Realsization Award

As the Almarro website emphasizes they do not believe audiophile quality equipment need cost the earth and they go out of their way to make beautifully sounding, beautiful looking and extremely well-made products at realistically affordable prices.

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Here are a selection of the fine reviews and praise that has made Almarro a growing and welcome presence in the world of audiophile products at affordable prices









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